Community guidelines


We created Pastime Live to provide a platform for adults over the age of 60 who wish to communicate with others their age, in a friendly, informal framework.

Accordingly, we promote safe and respectful communication between our users, and expect ourusers to adhere to our Community Guidelines, which provide general guidance on achieving these goals. These Community Guidelines are an integral part of our Terms of Use.

Please note that our Community Guidelines provide an inexhaustive list of inappropriate orunlawful behaviors, and are not intended to comprehensively identify every possible type ofmisconduct. Users are expected to treat their fellow users with respect, and exercise discretion and common sense when communicating with others.

Please do not:

  1. Harassment and bullying. You may not engage in any conduct which might harass, degrade, threaten, or shame others based on their race, ethnicity, gender identity,sexual orientation, disability or other characteristics. Unsolicited advances of any kind, and especially sexual, are strictly prohibited.
  2. Violence and threats. You may not engage, or encourage other to engage, in violent behavior. This includes hate speech, threats to physically harm others, attempts to forceothers to engage in any behavior, attempts to intimidate others, and terroristic threats.
  3. Sexually explicit behavior. You may not engage in any type of sexual activity or sexually explicit conduct on the Service, including nudity, pornography and any conduct that presents or promotes sexual violence or exploitation.
  4. Illegal behavior. You may not engage, or encourage others to engage, in illegal behavior. You must comply with all applicable laws (whether local, national orinternational) while using the Service.
  5. Self-harm. You may not engage in or promote conduct or content that is related to, orencourage, self-harm of any sort, including suicide. If you feel that you needprofessional support, please contact your local crisis center or emotional first aidservice.
  6. Commercial content. You may not use the Service to promote, market or advertisecommercial content of any type, whether related directly to you or not.
  7. Unauthorized sharing of personal information. You may not share or attempt to sharepersonal information of others, without obtaining their prior consent.
  8. Impersonation. You may not present or attempt to present yourself as someone else, ortry to deceive other users about your identity, including by providing false information.
  9. Animal Cruelty. You may not engage in conduct or promote content that involvescruelty or harm to animals.

If you encounter conduct that you believe might violate these Community Guidelines, you mayreport the violating user as explained in the Terms of Use. We implement measures to monitor activity on the Service,