A buzzing hub of video chat rooms, Pastime empowers you to mix and mingle with new people and familiar friends.

Join video chat rooms for a live conversation

Enjoy a live conversation with a small group of members in a video chat room. Listen in and share your thoughts in an unfiltered and welcoming setting.

Meet new people every time

When you’re logged in to Pastime, you instantly drop in a random video chat room. Every time you’re on is an opportunity to meet and mingle with new people.

Have the time of your life

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Star a member to meet again

Build a new circle of friends by starring members: if you meet a member you’d like to see again, click the star on their card. Next time you log in to Pastime, you’ll likely be in the same room, and when the starred member is logged in - you’ll get an instant notification to join and chat.

Switch rooms to feel more comfortable

If you don’t enjoy your chat room for whatever reason, you can switch rooms and drop in a new room with a different group of members. Let the conversation flow in the hope that you find a more natural connection here.

Invite friends to your chat room

Pastime members can spontaneously invite friends to their chat room: invite a Starred member, a now online member, and even non-Pastime members can get a link to register and join your room.